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TOM SAWYER , Executive Director

Tom’s motto in life is a quote from his namesake’s creator which is, “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do day after tomorrow just as well.”

Mark loves the bone idol life, he is committed to making sure our elected officials aren’t working to hard. He likes it when they send out a press release and you can see from results that they are just pretending to work!

We hope you will join us in the bone idol caucus!

Mr. Ed. III, Chief Budget Analyst 

Great-grandson of the famous talking Horse, EDIII as he is known to his friends loves to give advice on financial matters of the State. He is a graduate of USC Aiken.

EDIII loves talking to people about budgets, carrots and placing bets on the 400 meter men’s races at the olympics.

Marie “Mary” , Press Secretary

Ever since immigrating from her native Mary has been dedicated to avoiding work.

She likes to discuss politics with Conservatives, she doesn’t like progressive ideas having seen what they can lead to.

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