Millions of South Carolina residents suffer from an infliction called work. We in the Bone Idol Caucus congratulate the 2023 Budget Conferees for taking steps to reduced the chance that a member of the General Assembly might experience an attack of work by reading the spreadsheets and seeing where our taxpayer money is going. Thank you!


We’ve seen some bad magic acts in our day, but this has to be the worst ever. Where are the budget spreadsheets?

Our theater critic is really down on the Gressette Theater’s production of the Budget Follies! Staff needed to work some magic on the balanced spreadsheets but four days is a little slow, even by bone idol standards. Wm. Slothspeare gives it a negative two sloths.

Mr. Ed, III (BS, Equine Economics, MPA, MRSVS) Chief Budget Analyst – Bone Idol & Work Shy Caucus.

We want to know is the magic broken? The South Carolina Budget Conference Committee met on Thursday, June 8, 2023 and voted on a budget conference committee using “balanced spreadsheets” that were in front of them. If the spreadsheets were balanced and the committee knew what they were voting on why have they not been posted?

We have a budget.

We have a budget….but you can’t see it… they definitely voted on a balanced spreadsheet but can’t post it until staff is finished with the magic… Maybe you will get a line item…


Don’t miss the Budget Follies! We don’t know when it will start but you can take the whole day off, we know state employees are having to sit in the theater waiting for the show…

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